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2005 is awaiting the screen capture from the video of the foundation pour.
The foundation pour is about the only part that required more than Dean.
In the pour, he was ably assisted by Bill Boardman, Harry Henderson and Harry's son Jason. Many thanks.

DSC01056smThe concrete foundation walls were poured and pumped on November 5, 2005.
On November 6 at Boardman's farm, helping Bill's dad, Dean tripped on boot cleaner and shattered his knee.
The knee was so badly damaged, Dean had to wait almost a month to have the knee rebroken by a specialist.
He would then go under sedation and under the knife for seven hours while they rebuilt it.
As can be seen, they added a few rooms and a garage as well.
While waiting for surgery, with the use of copious amounts of painkillers, Dean single-handedly removed all the foundation forms from the pour.
Dean was now a disabled adult. It would require five more years of appeals before he was allowed insurance and any help.
"Oh, you can work as a greeter at Walmart", was the official rejoinder. You can imagine Dean's official response.
Everything after this point was a bit more difficult.
Dean's grandfather, Russell White, had lost his right leg in a train accident in 1919.
He worked his entire life in the oilfields of Kansas as a driller with a wooden leg. Sufficient precedence for Dean.
Russell could pull himself all the way to the top of a wooden derrick just using his arms.
Dean manages scaffolding and ladders in a similar fashion.

DSC00569smIn November 2005, Bruce from American Timber Salvage wrecked a warehouse adjacent to his lumber yard.
The 4000 square foot roof was made of 3" by 4" random length boards of virgin-growth long leaf yellow pine.
Look how closely the ring spacing is on the end-cut of this board.

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