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With the first storey of stone pretty much installed, now the real fun began. Twice the height, twice the lifting.
Plus building up a sufficiently elevated crane, trolley and scaffold sytsem was necessary.
This is the northeast corner looking west..

About half way up the second storey on the west (and later on the east) it was desirable to have windows.
A wooden 6 x 6 frame was made and around the frames the stones were laid.

Over each window were installed an antique cast-iron window lentle.
There were exactly six of them for exactly six windows in the stone part.
As can be seen they are sufficiently heavy and by inference, sufficiently robust to support the stonework.

The upper right corner shows the underside of the lentle.

Here are two completed windows with their final rows of stone above them.
The third storey will commence again with windows.

Pretty tall.
So this pretty much defines the year 2011.

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